Saturday, 27 December 2014

How Can Girls Touch Lives at Christmas? - By Imade Iyamu

It took a while, but over time we have all forgotten the meaning of Christmas. Now Christmas is about perpetuating the self-serving culture we’ve all grown accustomed to. It’s about presents and half-price holiday sales and a jolly, fat white man in a red suit. What Christmas means has been commercialised, corrupted and conflated so much and for so long that girls have lost the message: to give. Christmas is about giving what you have. Christmas is a time to care for our family and loved ones but it’s also a time to show love to those who need it the most- the less-privileged. Girls can show this love not just in thought or in words but by actually giving to the poor, weak, destitute and orphaned. Girls could give money, food, clothes, possessions, or anything. Nothing is too small and it’s not enough to sit within the confines of your mind and pray and hope; girls must put work to their faith.

Christmas is about giving your self – your talents, your gifts, your knowledge, your skills. This is a season when girls are reminded to use their special talents and abilities to help others and improve the world around them in some way. At Christmas, girls should shrug off selfishness or laziness and realize that serving others is more important than serving one’s ego. Christmas is about giving your time. This is because time is the most limited resource we have, so the highest form of love should be to shower it on others. There is no excuse for not giving because every girl has time. Christmas is a time for girls to branch out of themselves and give something to help others, expecting nothing in return. This is the real message of Christmas.
Imade is an 18 year old 2nd year student of the University of Lagos. Her above essay clinched 7th place in the Girl Pride Circle Christmas Essay Competition.

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