Saturday, 27 December 2014

How Can Girls Touch Lives at Christmas? - By Margaret Mary Ogbeche

Girls. Christmas. Love. Warmth. Food. Laughter. Love Again. Giving. Music. Love Yet Again.

Christmas is the time to show profound love for humanity; for nature, for everything and for everyone, to everything and to everyone. This is not to say that it is the only time to do all these, on the contrary. Love should be shown at every season of the year, at every time without ceasing. Still, there is this special thing about Christmas. It’s the Saviour’s birth we commemorate, its the fulfilment of the scriptures we remember, it is His first coming we enjoy. Everything then should revolve around what the Christ, Emmanuel as He is, has called us to do.

Feeding the Hungry
There are so many hungry people in Nigeria, and most particularly in Lagos, today. As girls here, most of us cook and cook well. Touching someone’s life come Thursday would be to give him who needs it that hot, home-cooked meal.

Touching Souls
To share God’s word with someone at this Christmas would be simply special. Planning singing concerts is not over the top. Simply singing in groups in the streets or in homes would do also. Music is food for the soul.

Giving out good stuff to those who need it is an act of love in itself. There is this feeling you get when you see someone wear what you gave him or her, regardless of how painful it was to let it go. Christmas calls for giving. A smile can go a very long way. Even when we don’t have so much to give out, places we cannot reach materially can be touched tremendously with joy.

Visiting the Sick, Prisoners and Motherless Babies
There are so many sick ones in hospitals, LUTH, LASUTH, Igbobi and many others very close to our homes. Visiting a stranger lying sick in a hospital bed, sharing stories, talking, laughing with anyone ill at Christmas extends the warmth and love of Christ felt in our hearts and homes to them as well. Countless are they who have been falsely accused and/or wrongly imprisoned.

To touch the life of even a rightly convicted prisoner would be to visit him and extend that warmth of Christmas through the gift of food or whatever other way one can. Showing nature-given motherly love to those who have no mothers touches them in many ways unfathomed. To visit homes as these, along with other people and families, with gifts would be an extension of the work of Christmas.

Aiding Reconciliation
Most of us girls quarrel a lot. There must be some people we know who are no longer speaking with each other as a result of some disagreement, or even ourselves. At this Christmas, aiding and initiating reconciliation would definitely bridge divides. Lending a helping hand at home, teaching younger ones and helping anybody in any way aim at one thing: making God truly and really with us all this Christmas.
Margaret-Mary is a 19 year old 3rd year student of University of Ilorin. Her above essay clinched 5th place in the Girl Pride Circle Christmas Essay Competition.

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