Saturday, 2 July 2016

Super Girl of The Month - Amna Mabrouk

"If you are part of a small community for a while, do not leave it until you add your unique voice."

Amna Mabrouk is a highly driven and ambitious young woman who proudly traces her roots to Mauritania, though born and raised in a middle class family in Qatar. It is accurate to say that Amna grew up being outstanding. At the tender age of 11, she had already become a honors student in addition to engaging actively in school activities. Despite being very reserved, this earned her the love and respect of her colleagues and teachers. 

The shy little Amna began to keep a special notebook during one summer vacation, where she gave in to the power of dreams every night. In this book, she recorded every aspiration that she secretly nursed in her heart – things she wished to have and heights she aspired to reach. Even though she had no clear perspective of the future at that early time of her life, she continued to pour out her heart into this special notebook.  
 By the age of 15, Amna’s family members and teachers had noticed her tendency to proffer dynamic suggestions, influence others, and take responsibility. They encouraged her to remain outstanding.   
At this time, our super girl had began to write out the tools and methods through which her dreams could be achieved, in her special notebook. She completed Elementary-Middle School and moved on to High School, where she learnt a great deal about team work and her individual abilities. This helped her a lot as she began her sojourn through the University in 2012, studying Business Administration at the College of Business and Economics, Qatar University. 

It is interesting that throughout her tenure as a student, Amna also served as an Administrative Assistant at the Qatar University - Centre of Academic Advising. Despite her undergraduate status, she made landmark impact in this department.
She led the department to convene the first ever Academic Advising Conference in the MENA Region. Amna was also responsible for overhauling the training methodology employed by the University during its orientation programme for new students. She recommended and introduced simulations and more hands-on approach to the programme, significantly improving training outcomes. 

Ms Mabrouk was equally active in core student life - distinguishing herself in national/international competitions, participating in college activities/trainings, and delivering workshops. In September 2013,  she took a bold step and founded the Management Information Systems Club in Qatar University. The MIS Club was geared towards demystifying Management Information Systems as a Major and encouraging students to see the reality of the field, through engaging and fun activities.

Given her stellar record, it did not come as a surprise to the University Community when she bagged the Student Life Award - Leadership Class, Qatar University in May 2015. For 2 years consecutively, she was also honored for effective college participation and involvement at the College of Business and Economics, Qatar University. In June 2015, Amna Mabrouk graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration - Information Systems (Major), Management and Entrepreneurship (1st/2nd Minors), becoming the first Qatar University Student to specialize in 3 fields all at once.
Currently, Amna works as a Project Manager at ETS Solutions in Doha. She is also a part of the 2015/2016 cohort of the World Innovation Summit for Education Learners' Voice Program - an initiative of Qatar Foundation, which brings the perspectives of young people to the challenge of rethinking education, and equips them to take on leading roles in their fields and in the world of education. Through the Learners' Voice Program, Amna is working with her team to design an education project for Syrian refugees in Jordan.
At this point in her life, Amna strives to move beyond personal achievement, scale up impact and change lives for the better. Her ultimate goal is to launch a thriving business with social impact in Mauritania, even though she has never lived there. Armed with her education and passion, Amna strongly believes that she can make a difference in the core areas of Youth Empowerment and Girls' Education  in her home country. Our super girl remains undaunted by these daring goals. In her words, anything is achievable if she can only trust God, herself and her dreams.

Girl Pride Circle is Super Proud of Amna Mabrouk. We have no doubts that her dream would become a reality in the near future.

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