Monday, 19 January 2015

#ProjectKuuliza: “Embracing My Girlhood as a Stepping Stone”

Girl Pride Circle kicked off #ProjectKuuliza on Saturday, 17th January 2015 at Obafemi Awolowo University International School, Ile-Ife, with a total of 81 girls and 3 volunteers.

After a brief welcome address and introduction of GPC’s mandate to our girls, we delved into the major discussion of the day – “Embracing My Girlhood as a Stepping Stone”. The discussion started with a light ice breaker which involved the introduction of each girl/volunteer, and the reason why they believe that they rock as girls. This activity elicited very interesting and inspiring responses. 14 year old Mercy Adeleye confidently said she is a girl that rocks “because she feels she’s on top of the world”, Oreoluwa Jaiyesimi attested to being “the best of her kind”, while 15 year old Chika Eunice thinks she rocks because she is “small, but great and undefeatable”. GPC Volunteer – Yewande Ogunajo also got the girls screaming, with her response - “I am a Girl, and I rock because I can do everything a guy can do, with heels on!”
With the girls relaxed and ready for impact, GPC Volunteer – Erere Oghoghome began the session “Who am I?” Here, the girls were led to uncover/express what makes them individually unique – their emotions, perspectives, talents, character traits etc. and eventually, what makes them different from boys. In the course of our discussion, one of the girls - Mercy Praise Ninan expressed her strong belief that “Girls are cooler than boys!” The session ended with a resolution that girls naturally possess various scientifically proven advantages by virtue of their girlhood, including the ability to multi task and balance Logic/Emotion. Erere encouraged the girls to use these abilities, together with their unique individual gifts to their advantage.
Immediately after the “Who am I?” session, Yewande Ogunajo took over to discuss “What is my Passion & Purpose”. Upon exploring the concepts of passion and purpose with the girls, we all agreed that each girl is passionate about something, and such burning passion would lead her to discover her individual purpose in the world. It was an exciting moment for all of us when Kabirat Adeniyi shared her “Eureka Moment”; By the end of the session, she had figured that she was passionate about making announcements/sharing news with her peers, and she was determined to forge ahead with this knowledge to discover her actual purpose. (I think Kabirat is a world class journalist in the making!)
Finally, we moved on to discuss the modern society's perception of girls and women. The girls eagerly expressed their diverse opinions on this matter. Kanyinsola Adesoba believes that "Girls are seen as inferior, but when they grow up and become successful and know what they are doing, our society respects them." Also, in 14 year old Ife Oyedele's opinion, society sees girls and women as "people who cant have a say". Supporting Ife's point of view, Oreoluwa Jaiyesimi angrily retorted; "They see us as people who should only get married, give birth and DIE!"
However, the very reserved 15 year old Caroline Ikujuni did not agree with them. In her opinion; "Nowadays, we are not seen as inferior. That was in the olden days."

When asked how they want the society to perceive girls and women, the girls had very lofty ideas and dreams. For instance, Tolulope Fayokun wants girls and women to be seen as "people that can do things, have bright future and can change the world". We wrapped up the day's conversation by sharing ways through which girls can influence a better perception of themselves in the society. All the girls resolved to work hard, voice out their opinions confidently and never let their girlhood stop them from taking a stand whenever the need arises.

Before leaving, we all excitedly took pictures with the Girl Pride Circle 2015 New Year Cake, before sharing it as one big family.
In all, it was an exciting and impact-filled day! We are inspired to unleash more impact through #ProjectKuuliza. Check out more pictures from the day's session on our Facebook Page. Don't forget to like the page while at it! We would also love to hear what you think in the comment box below!! Keep speaking up for Super Girls!!!


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