Monday, 26 January 2015

Diary of Awa, A Chibok Girl - By Bisayo Busari

Today marks 287 days since over 200 school girls were abducted from Chibok - North Eastern Nigeria, by the ruthless terrorist group - Boko Haram. Our voices have been stifled, our outcries have become less audible than whispers. In her heart felt Facebook post, Bisayo Busari tells the story of one of our forgotten girls, thus reigniting the fight for our girls and reminding us not to back down.

"I found this pen on the ground, a symbol of my last abode of freedom. I was told that the pen is mightier than the sword and I have to go school. Like the lightning that precedes the thunder clap, memories came rushing even as I hid the pen and write on the paper thrown away by my abductors.

My name is Awa, the first child of my mother Saratu. My mother sells 'Wara' or is it called cheese or cow father rears cattle bequeathed to him by his father Yusuf. I remember my father as a man who had never been to the four walls of a school but who continuously advocated for western education. He was always proud of me and he made me read books and learn the big words in English. He would say that one day, I would bring light to the family.

With tears in my eyes, I remember the last time I saw my mother - I was preparing to go back to school for my final exam. Mother had tears in her eyes and she told me they were tears of joy. Were they? It could have been some premonition of what was to come. She said "it is my pride to see my child making progress."

I went to school with mixed feelings; as the head girl, I owe my fellow students a good result. I must be a good example to them I must lead with my heart. I have to study hard till the last paper.

I was jolted to the moment by the ruffling of the leaves. There goes the devil's son. I hid my pen and paper.

Now I have to summarise. There is no much space on this sheet of paper and my pains can't be fully expressed here. I see no hope of leaving here, I do not know if my Country will rescue me. They tell us the President cannot save us and daily I believe they may be right.

My fellow students are dejected but I seldom give them comfort even in silence. Is anyone concerned about our plight, will that night that led us to this slavery be over? Will my father and mother have peace? Was my father right about the pen and the sword? Will salvation come to some of us even if not all? Our innocence has been taken, our love for Nigeria is daily being questioned!!!

Daily I see the sun rise but in our hearts, the sun that set the night we were captured has refused to rise."

Bisayo Busari is a young Nigerian lady, who is passionate about women and youth. She is a legal practitioner and currently acts as Legal adviser to Energy group of companies. 

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