Saturday, 27 December 2014

How Can Girls Touch Lives at Christmas? - By Amarachi Cynthia Eke

It’s that time of the year again. December has come and with it all the joys of Christmas. Christmas comes with an atmosphere of, joy, happiness, sharing and caring. In one word, Christmas is all about love. Love is so contagious that Christmas is celebrated not by Christians, but also Muslims, traditional worshippers and even atheists. Everyone looks forward to Christmas. Everyone just loves the holiday!
Girls bring out the beauty in Christmas. Had there been no virgin girl by the name Mary to birth Jesus Christ whom the Christians celebrate on Christmas day, then there probably would be no such thing as Christmas. There may be end of the year holiday or New Year holiday, but no such thing as Christmas. We girls are bearers of love, this love we can use to impact our world during Christmas and be remembered ever after just like Mary did. To touch lives at Christmas, every girl ought to show love through giving, sharing, caring, taking the initiative, doing something new, something that will a leave a lasting impression on the heart of the society every time Christmas is celebrated. Girl pride is all about girl productivity to impact and transform communities. Productivity ought to spring from love.
I’m studying law in the University of Lagos. To impact my community this Christmas, I would go on prison visits with a non-profit organization in my school, to help secure the release of wrongly imprisoned persons, and other similar cases, and when I am a lawyer, I would take on such cases pro bono to touch at least a life during Christmas. Asides this, I am a dancer. Whenever I travel during festivities like this, my dance crew and I take it upon ourselves to entertain people from home to home, especially the aged; I have a soft spot for them. It’s so much fulfilment seeing weary eyes smile again during our entertainment at no cost. Indeed every one of them looks forward to Christmas. Showing love need not be a protracted affair. Indeed the best feelings come from little acts of kindness such as helping the needy and aged, cleaning the streets, making a dress or cap or buying a gift for another person, decorating the church or a friend’s house, or even a stranger’s house. Every girl ought to use her unique abilities to show love. In short, do something positive, you’ve never done before and do it for free! And watch lives being transformed by your little acts. Every girl is strong and empowered and Christmas can never be complete without us. We are bearers of love.
Alas! How can we show love if we have no love? Every girl needs to love herself regardless of anything. “You have to love yourself and you can’t do anything until you love yourself first” - Julianne Hough.
Cynthia is a 20 year old Final Year Law Student at the University of Lagos. She is highly fascinated by Energy Law - the field of Sustainable Energy in particular. Last year, she was opportune to intern at the law office of Wahab Shittu & Co.
Cynthia is a social worker at heart. She is really heartbroken when the vulnerable classes of people in the society (particularly women and children) are looked down upon and maltreated. Her above essay clinched 3rd place in the Girl Pride Circle  Christmas Essay Competition.


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